Community Connexion "C.C." was founded  by Rev. Dr. Doris Machin, PhD, founder and president of C.C., - an international speaker and recording artist, as well as Senior Pastor of The Worship Tabernacle in Miami, Florida. For over 25 years, Pastor Doris has taught, motivated and inspired at women's Conferences, youth Conferences and family conferences in general around the world. She is a renowned spiritual motivational speaker and life teacher striving to make a change in the world by providing practical and applicable life solutions to men and women, as well as their kids, bringing life to the entire family.  ​ 

Together with her community teams, she has been able to organize numerous community events such as:  "Family Fest", "Summer Lovin", "No More Victims Day", "Caribbean Day", "Back to School Book Bag Giveaway", and "Thanksgiving Community Fair" to name a few. The organization has collaborated with Habitat for Humanity, Agape Family Network, Chapman Partnership, Informed Families, Camillus House, among others.  

In 2013, she headed up and currently serves as president of Alianza International Children's Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating malnutrition in underprivileged countries.  

Pastor D (as she is referred to) has lifted up an army of people around the world with a passion for the music and the arts as well as a community mindset and responsibility.  "Our community is the environment we all live in, if we live to make it better we make better the life that we live...", she says. "Together we can bridge the gap between life and living!" - Community Connexion. 



Rev. Tania Brito serves as Board member and Executive Director of Community Connexion.  Born in Camaguey, Cuba and raised in West New York, NJ, she graduated from Montclair State College with a Bachelors in Business Education.  


Rev. Tania is a mother of 5 and happily married to her husband of 25 years, Humberto Brito. 

She has served for many years as youth leader and pastor, ushering in generations of kids into their adult years where teaching, counseling and positive affirmation were essential in helping them transition into the next chapters of their lives.  Today, many of those young people she worked with are professionals and positive role models and citizens. 

She has a gift with people, as many know her as a "healer of hearts", her compassion and dedication to the wellbeing of the heart is signature in her life.  Her social skills have led her to be an important liaison in the community, bringing together and networking many agencies.  Rev. Tania is a vital part of Community Connexion's success and excellence in the community. 



Our loving and caring volunteer staff is equipped with basic knowledge and trained in each subject matter to provide each student with a safe, loving and affirmative environment.  We believe that children respond best to affirmation as their personal identity is being valued.  Who they are is not necessarily what they do.  


We train our staff to correct the behavioral issues but bring affirmation and confidence to the essence of the child.