Grants and Fund-Raising 

Since we offer free community programs, we are constantly seeking available grants and fund raising strategies that provide sustainability in order to maintain overhead expenses, staff, equipment, capacity building, instruments, training, etc..  

We have been awarded grants and donations from some of the following organizations:  Rubenstein Law, Florida; District 8 Capacity Building Grant. 


Wish List 

+ Orchestral Instruments 

+ Musical Equipment 
+ Symphonic Acoustical Panels and Equipment 
+ Orchestral chairs 
+ Uniforms 
+ Building and office supplies 

+ Children's work tables and chairs 

+ Arts and Crafts supplies 


Fund Raising and Donations 

As with our Grant searches, we are constantly working on fund raising projects to build, grow and be able to provide each child with excellence in every area.   We also invite and offer opportunities to receive special donations by;; Facebook page; as well as accept private donations.  If you would like to help us help our kids, please donate today through our running campaigns or by going to our donate page on this website.  Your support is greatly appreciated. 


Fund Raising Projects 

+ Candle sales 

+ Candy sales 
+ Raffles 
+ Special Flea Market Events