Connecting lives to the LIFE...

At Community Connexion, we are dedicated to the transformation of lives by providing opportunities for growth and development through the implementation of community services and programs.

Community Connexion is a non- profit 501 C3 organization, incorporated in the state of Florida in 2014.  Through the development and implementation of different programs, we aim to serve families and communities by working together with other agencies and organizations to provide a network of options that serve all those looking for venues and solutions. 

One of our most treasured mottos is: "Together We Can!", stating the heart and commitment of our organization to work together with partnering agencies to bring about change in lives and community in general. Organizations like: Heartbeat of Miami, Amigos for Kids, One Voice Coalition, Children's Trust, Genesis Hopeful Haven, to name a few are key to helping, serving and providing solutions to today's social needs. 

We are making strides and transforming lives through our free after-school children's programs and Arts and Music Camps. 

Child Safety 

In today's world our children's safety is a priority, realizing the risks and dangers they face when left alone in front of computers or laptops; when given smartphones or free unsupervised access to the internet; when placed in front of video games or left hours in front of television sets with access to all types of channels.    

Our training includes awareness for parents and kids on topics like human trafficking, alcohol consumption, gang violence, bullying, drug prevention, crime prevention, internet dangers.  

We empower children of all ages and their parents with information and practical advice on the "what", and "what to do" of the issues they are facing both in school and on the streets. 

About Our Non-Profit 


At Community Connexion, child safety is our priority. We realize the risks and dangers our children face in today's world when left alone in front of the computers or laptops. Community Connexion "C.C." was established by Rev. Doris Machin, PhD, founder and president of C.C., and Senior Pastor of The Worship Tabernacle in Miami, Florida. For almost 25 years, Pastor Doris has served as a speaker at Women's Conferences, Youth Conferences and Family Conferences in general around the world. She is a spiritual motivational speaker and life coach striving to make a change in the world by helping one life at a time. Rev. Machin is also a world-renowned gospel recording artist with more than 10 albums recorded to date. 

In 1999, she founded Glory Worship Institute in Miami, a music and ministry school with over 150 students enrolled, as well as a recording label. 

In 2004, she founded The Worship Tabernacle, a ministry and church dedicated to meeting the needs and making a difference in our community and the world. Throughout the years, she has organized and/or participated in numerous community events such as "Family Fest", "Summer Lovin", "No More Victims Day", "Caribbean Day" to name a few. The church has collaborated with organizations such as: Habitat for Humanity, Agape Women's Center, Informed Families, Camillus House, among others. 


In 2013, she headed up and currently serves as president of Alianza International Children's Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating malnutrition in underprivileged countries. 

Through the years, Rev. Machin's passion for the community sparked a greater urgency to bring this mission of love to fruition and begin to take a more "hands-on" approach to the problems at large within our community; bridging lives to life - Community Connexion.

Building the individual,
the family and the community
one life at a time!