ARTS & MUSIC CAMP offers a modern and strategic approach to education at every level. Our curriculum to incorporate experiences that permit learning through guided play and active discovery. We encourage the development of positive character traits through the highly accredited character strength building program, to best serve the students at our school.

Your child will have fun, learn and explore, and develop their own
unique talents.Have peace of mind knowing your child is in the best environmentto promote their development.


We will transform our space into a gallery for the community to experience different art exhibits with complimenting foods and music representing that artist’s work. It is a time when our location will come alive and our community can experience culture. 


Music camp is an excellent opportunity for any young musician to improve his or her skills, both individually and as part of a group. Some camps are a bit exclusive and require an audition beforehand to get in. Others are open to everyone and have an audition once the camp has started, just to see which level of classes the student should be in depending on age and ability. In general, summer music camps are run by university music students and young music professionals. Sometimes students will get the chance to practice and work with well known orchestras and symphonies.


Children loved to dribble the ball and learn skills necessary to become a good sportsman or woman, so why not enroll your child in basketball & Soccer camp to further enhance those skills? Some sports camps like this are for smaller children, starting at age 7, while others are for high schoolers. These act as sports training camps for all ages and teach not only skills like shooting and dribbling, but also skills like teamwork and self-esteem building. Through lots of interactive and competitive play, coaching from professionals and scrimmages, kids can learn valuable life skills that can aid them on an ongoing basis. Some basketball camps are co-ed, while others are segregated by gender and age. Camp length varies, but many last a week during the summer.