YES! Movement


Founded and Directed by Maestro Cesar Rangel, Youth Enlightenment System is a social project designed to use the collective practice of music as a means by which social, moral and ethical values can be developed. 

With over 30 years of experience on the subject, Professor Cesar has prepared and equipped a staff dedicated to the child and the child's musical talent, as well as his/her social and emotional development.   

Because this vision was implemented in Venezuela as (Sistema de Bandas y Orchestas) with a 100% success rate, there is great confidence and certainty that this program is changing the lives of each one of our students.  To  date, the stories of transformation are powerful and inspirational. 

As a free after school program, YES runs three times per week with a volunteer staff.  To date, we have served over 400 children and their families since the program began in February 2016.


In December 2016, we inaugurated our very own YES Symphony Orchestra, and have been invited by the Miami Symphony to partake in several of their community and private events.  Most recently, YES Symphony Orchestra was honored to be invited by the White House staff to be part of the Hispanic Heritage month celebrations.

MUSIC AND ARTS  Academic Enrichment

It is our mission to enrich every child through the instruction and practice of music and the arts.  As we help develop their personal lives, we develop their families and in turn positively affect and develop our communities. 

 After School Programs 

​We offer a safe all- inclusive atmosphere where students can grow and thrive as they discover and develop their musical and  artistic talents.  By providing a free program we are able to cater to the needs of all regardless of social, educational or economic challenges they might face.  

Subjects offered include: 

• Musical Literacy and Methods 

• Bell Choir 
• Vocal Choir 
• Rhythms and Sight Reading 
• Piano Lab 
• Musical Kinder